As an interactive designer,
I specialize in three key areas:

In branding,

I take a strategic approach to creating impactful brand identities that connect with target markets. I'm passionate about crafting timeless and meaningful brands.

When it comes to web design,

I focus on creating user-friendly interfaces that integrate brand values seamlessly. By blending design and technology, I deliver digital solutions that meet users' needs and stand out in today's competitive landscape.

By anticipating technological constraints in my designs,

I make it easier for developers to bring my work to life. I stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and provide strategic guidance tailored to each project's unique needs, ensuring efficient and accurate development with exceptional results for both design and development teams.

and tools

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Brand Identity

Art direction

Ux/Ui Prototyping

Design system

Experiential Design

Service Design

Front-end toolings

Web Integrator

CMS Management



Adobe suite


Html5, Css3


Chakra UI, style X


Github, bitbucket

Agile methodology

Linear, Jira

Notion, airtable, flow...

five points

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1) what i do

I implement strategies at various scales, including consultancy, conceptualization, product design, and development, to create brand identities and design digital products.

2) The best i do

Develop ideas through open-minded listening, research, and analysis. Create designs that anticipate and address developer constraints.

3) dreamed projects

Design intuitive interfaces and products that reinvent codes in a sustainable way, shaping tomorrow's world. Create accessible, practical, and influential design projects.

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4) how do i make

My work process consists of two to three phases: defining the project context and issues, creating and refining the product and its features, and developing the web project, including quality assurance and AB testing.

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5) why i do it

I am driven by a passion for digital and graphic design, and I strive to create meaningful and impactful work that makes a difference in people's lives. I aim to create practical and predictive interfaces that simplify daily life and enhance user experience. Pushing creative boundaries, exploring new design trends, collaborating with innovative teams, and continuously learning and growing as a designer in the ever-evolving digital landscape are all important factors that fuel my passion for design.

They trust me

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I'm Stephane a graphic designer with a passion for blending creativity and technology.